The New East Town Singers: Bruce Schmidt, Bill and Lin at MATC. No microphones, no plug-ins, no lights - just folk-singers. 1969?

Yes, Lin played guitar in the '60s!

Who are these people?

Larry, Lin, Bill - Coffee House quilt

At the Coffee House, 1974

Larry, Lin, Bill performing - Color - CH

Larry, Lin, Bill - performing BW - CH

Lin, Larry - Coffee House

At Marquette's Mugrack  Larry, Lin, Bill - Mugrack, MU

A special appearance by the Duke of Oil
Duke of Oil - Mugrack

Bill, Lin, Larry performing - BW

Regulars at the Ground Rounds in the Milwaukee area.
Larry, Lin, Bill - Ground Round

In the 70's, we sang every weekend for 6 months at the GR on Silver Spring  & Port Washington Rd . 

Over the years, we've sung at many wedding ceremonies.


Yes, that's Chris O'Connor (center, front!). No, he's not playing electric bass.    Lori Otto, Lin, Bill, CW - Coffee HouseLori Otto joined Bill & Lin (1980?) to form the group UNICORN.