by Bill O'Connor c. 1970, 2002

This song had two more verses when Larry and I performed it in the early 70s.  But while I liked the guitar part, I felt the song was kind of preachy. So I revised it for my CD and hope it will lift your spirits as it was intended to do.

Album: Through the Years/Bill O'Connor

Smile, what does it cost you to smile?
Smile, those dark clouds fade when you smile.
And you know you can make other people happy when you smile
And you know that the world seems much brighter if you would just smile.
Let the sun shine through your smile.

Smile, your eyes sparkle when you smile.
Smile, share the joy that's within for a while.
At this moment someone could be falling in love with your smile.
At this moment someone's spirit's lifted thinking of your smile.
Let the light shine through your smile.