One More Song
        by Bill O'Connor, c. 2002

This is perhaps the most unusual approach to a new song I've ever taken.  At first I wrote the verses to this song for a different tune.  It was a Kingston Trio song which had a catchy refrain, but the verses weren't right for us.  When we decided to make a new recording in 2002, I decided to keep the verses, but create a whole new song around them. It is meant to be a  thank you to all the people who have come to our shows through the years. 

Album: One More Song/Theiss & O'Connor (with the Irish Fest Choir); Coming Home/Theiss & O'Connor

But there's one more time to clap our hands
One more song to sing along
Then we'll say good-bye and be on our way
Till we meet again we hope it won't be long.

It's been many a year that we've sung our songs
To crowds both great and small in number.
And it's many a time that we've given thanks
For the times we've shared together.


Oh it's thanks to the people that we've come to know
Who have become good friends and neighbors
For it's you who make the cold nights warm
With the memories that we savor.


Oh we sang the songs that we've sung before
Of deeds and love that lasts forever
And as we leave to go on our way
We'll stop and sing this song together.