One Bad Habit
by Bill O'Connor c. 1982, 2002

The owners of Numero Uno restaurant liked this song. When we sang it there in the early 80's food orders always picked up.  It originated with a discussion about people's bad habits and how much they cost.  I kind of felt left out since I didn't smoke, drink, or engage in other questionable activities.  So just to show how bad I was, I came up with this song.

Album: Through the Years/Bill O'Connor

I work eight to five but that's just the start
A second job plus overtime may not sound smart
You may ask why do I keep my nose to the grind
It's to pay for that bad habit of mine.

    I've got one bad habit: I Like to eat
    Somehow without food my life seems incomplete
    I don't know how it started but I can't stop now
    I just gotta eat I gotta eat right now!

        New York cherry ice cream
        Extra cheese on pizza tastes fine
        Beef barley soup and leg of lamb
        Oh, darn that bad habit of mine.

The info-mercial said I could get this fixed
Bought a bunch of tablets and some powdery mix
They say I won't be hungry and I'll feel just fine
But they don't know of that bad habit of mine.

    I've got one bad habit...

        Tacos, brats, musaka
        I could drink Irish coffee all the time
        Lox and bagels and egg foo young
        Why any nationality is fine.

If I could lick this thing I could get to the core
Spend less time and money in the grocery store
But a new guitar or even save a buck
But God made me with a stomach so I'm stuck.

    I've got one bad habit...

        Hot fudge sundae with whipped cream
        I love salted peanuts in the shell
        Fritos, Cheetos, Dorito corn chips
        As you can see I certainly snack-well.

    I've got one bad habit...