Lotto Dreams
        by Bill O'Connor, c. 2002

When one of the lotteries in Illinois reached unprecedented heights, Lin and I drove across the state line to purchase a ticket.  There were two gas stations just over the border selling them and both had long lines leading into small stations.  We waited about a half hour to get in to get our numbers, but in the process got to know everybody around us. It was worth the trip and a couple of bucks just to be there.  Album:  Through the Years/Bill O'Connor

Spring day, sunny afternoon
Across the state line gotta get there soon
Gonna buy some numbers for a chance to be a millionaire
Line is long, the station's small
Steps are short, the talk is tall
You can hear the anticipation call it's in the air.

Refrain:    A hundred million reasons why
                A hundred million hopes are high
                A hundred million ways to buy a dream
                A waste of time I hear some say
                Throwin' your good money away
                But a dollar is a small price to pay for a dream.

Little boy in your daddy's arms
High-fivin' turnin' on the charms
Look into your daddy's eyes and see his dreams for you.
Loving smile on your father's face
The gentle voice, the warm embrace
He's gonna buy two tickets for a chance to see if those dreams come true.


Old man workin' at the county zoo
He knows exactly what he's gonna do
Take it all at once cause he knows that life is just too brief.
Nothing special that he wants to tell
A knowing look says he'll use it well
Got some special numbers that are going to win, that's his belief.


Construction worker on his way home
Got a call from his wife on the car cell phone
"Honey, don't forget to stop and buy, we've got a chance to win."
Never played the game before
Got a house he's building he could use it for
Smilin' wide as he holds the door for us to step on in.