The Insect Repellant Song
            by Bill O'Connor, c.1969, 2002

I think this song originated with a conversation I had with a friend in high school.  While driving outside Chicago in a rural area, we started smelling the distinctive odor of cows.  What if, the conversation started, humans thought this smell was good and the perfume fragrances were repugnant? That's all I needed to start thinking of a song.
Album: Through the Years/Bill O'Connor

You were so beautiful that night
Your hair shining in the moonlight
Your eyes were like the stars up in the sky
And though I can't recall your name
In my memory you're ingrained
And for this there can be just one reason why

Refrain:     I'll remember you by the insect repellant you were wearing
                It made my eyes water like the morning dew
                The fragrance so alluring that night my darling
                That smelly goo made me stuck on you

As we sat in your back yard that night in late July
The sound of bugs and crickets in my ear.
The mosquitoes and the gnats were swarming near my eyes
But close to you I knew I had nothing to fear.


The deet sprayed on so neat from your head down to your feet
The citronella candle burning bright
And Cutter's strongest blend with the Deep-Woods Off mixed in
Well, it turned me on like a firefly in the night.