Coming Home
        c. Bill O'Connor, 2005

There are all kinds of home comings.  And while most are happy occasions, a home coming usually signals the end of something also.  And with that, there may be feelings of regret and sadness.  When I wrote this song I had several images and ideas in mind.  My first thought was of the many friends and relatives I've seen laid to rest.  While a time of sadness for those of us still here, I have to believe it is a joyous home coming for the deceased.  I remember about a week before my father died, he sat up in bed suddenly with his arms extended, thinking he was seeing someone who had gone before him.  That image reminded me of a photo of a returning Vietnam veteran.  In the photo, his teenage daughter runs ahead of her family with her arms outstretched to greet he dad.  I thought of all men and women overseas in the war on terror and what their home comings might be like.  So while I wanted the song to be a send off that I never gave many of my friends and family, I also wanted it to apply to those who come home after a stint in the armed forces, a struggle to find oneself, or just a journey someone wants to come to an end.  You'll have to judge if I succeed in this effort or not.

Album: Coming Home/Bill & Lin O'Connor and Larry Theiss

Autumn leaves are swirling, colors dancing in the air
Northern wind, it brings the news that winter's time is near.
The sky is cold and grey and I'm on my way alone
But don't you worry 'bout me now 'cause I am heading home.

I'm coming home, my journey's at an end
I'm coming home, to be with family and my friends
I can see the outstretched arms of the ones I've missed so long
Soon I'll feel their warm embraces
I can see their smiling faces
There'll be no lonely time, no spaces
For today I'm coming
Today I'm coming home.


I've seen the seasons change their colors time and time again
Met good folks along the way, some I've known as friends.
But as the winter close in, it's time to move along
Back to where I first began, back to my own home.


In this journey we call life I've sometimes lost my way
The world has had it's impact on what I do and what I say.
Some have said you can't return, but I know that's not true
I see the light a-glowin' now and I'm coming home to you.