Wisconsin Highways
            by Bill O'Connor, c.2002

I love driving and going for rides.  I love finding steep hills and tummy ticklers.  Seeing rivers and lakes from outlooks or bridges.  The scents of the country side.  The wind.  Maybe I was a dog in a previous life! Ha. I have learned not to ignore "Do Not Drive Beyond This Point" signs.  Got stuck in a small sand dune in Door County.  Not fun.

Album: Through the Years/Bill O'Connor

Rolling down the highway
Fresh spring morning air
Blowin' through my window
Telling me I've not a care.
Workplace exit comin'
Think I'll pass it on by.
Driving on Wisconsin highways
I can leave my cares behind.

Two lane, four lane, dirt or paved
Makes no diff to me
As long as I keep movin'
Behind the wheel I'm free
Feel those tummy ticklers
Who can help but laugh or smile?
Driving on Wisconsin highways
There's a smile every mile.

Mile markers flying by
Tell how far I've gone
Or could those numbers tell me now
Just how far I've come
Oh, I just feel like singing
I can hear the song within
Driving on Wisconsin highways
I can sing of where I've been.

Billboards on the right and left
Tell what's up ahead
Antiques, Grandma's apple pie,
If you stay where there's a bed
Oh, I'm a billboard junkie
Read every word on every sign
Driving on Wisconsin highways
Every sign sure is fine.

Steeples of the churches
Point in prayer up to the sky
Cabins on the rivers
Giant mammal I've driven by
Why I've even seen an orange moose
And a cow two stories tall.
Driving on Wisconsin highways
You might see anything at all.

Birds are soaring overhead
Two fly from their perch
Race you to the hilltop
But I bet I get there first
Feels like I'm flying
O'er rolling hills and lakes of blue
Driving on Wisconsin highways
Nature's best is there to view.

Sturgeon Bay, Algoma
Mayville, Pestigo,
Woodruff, Oostburg, Hudson,
Viroqua, Osseo,
Mineral Point or Reedsburg,
Fish Creek, Black River Falls.
Driving on Wisconsin highways
You can travel to them all.

Sky is turning amber
Shadows getting long
Can't describe the beauty
Even in a song.
I'll be heading home now
But I'll remember what I've seen
Driving on Wisconsin highways
We'll see what tomorrow brings.