Irish By Music
        by Bill O'Connor, c. 2002

As St. Patrick's Day approached that year, I kept thinking about all the people who love to celebrate the day (or the week...).  Are they all really Irish?  And besides green beer (yuck), what really brings us all together?  Music.  Of course, verse two can apply to anyone even those of us who are Irish and verse three was written for Larry.

Album: One More Song/Theiss & O'Connor

Every year about the time St. Patrick's Day comes 'round
People claim they're Irish and it's green they paint the town.
It's the time of year when all profess their nationality
There are only the Irish and those who want to be.

Through out the year still some claim it's Irish that they be
And so they wear an I.B.M. on their sweatshirt or their tee.
That means Irish by Marriage in case you did not know
But there's one other I.B.M. and here is how it goes.

Refrain:    Oh, I'm Irish by Music, so let the good times roll
                Or sing me Too-ra-loo-ra when I'm feeling low
                It's the songs that unite us, make the Emerald Isle our home
                Yes I'm Irish by Music and I know I'm not alone.

Well I cannot tell a reel from a jig it's true, my friends
And sometimes I'm not sure where one tune starts and where one ends.
And just what they call an Irish drum is a mystery to me
But just play some Irish music and it's dancin' I will be.


I may not have the freckles or the beautiful red hair
My speech has no brogue to show that I'm from over there.
My last name has no "Mc" or "O" and no apostrophe
But there's one way that I'm Irish and that way is plain to see.