I'll Make Ireland My Home
            by Bill O'Connor, c. 1998

In 1987 I took a group of students to the British Isles. Although we spent only four days in Ireland, it was a wonderful trip.  It just took me a while to put the experience into music. 

Albums: Traditional and Original/Theiss & O'Connor;  Through the Years/Bill O'Connor

It's been ten years or more since I last saw Ireland's shore
As I sailed out on the Irish Sea
But her people, sights, and sounds in my memory abound
And dear Ireland is calling back to me.

Refrain:    My heart's tonight in Ireland
                And no matter where on this earth I roam
                My dream some day is in Erin to stay
                And I'll make Ireland my home, my home
                I'll make Ireland my home.

From Dublin to Tralee or Skibbereen north to Derry
Her quilted patchwork country sides remain
And the thatched roofed homes of white with the ancient ruins in sight
Remind me of the roots from which I came


The folks are friendly there whether in city or village square
They're likely to take time to lend an ear
Or sing a song or two, in a pub we'll hoist a few
To toast the land we Irish hold so dear.