The Color Red
by Bill O'Connor, c. 2002

I have to give my brother-in-law, Ed Sharpe, credit for coming up with the idea for this song, although he doesn't remember doing it.  Lin was going through some old papers and found a school assignment written by Ed.  It was a paragraph titled "The Color Red" and was neatly printed out on paper with widely spaced lines.  I glanced at the opening line (People like the color red) and started humming a tune to myself.  Unfortunately, the rest of the paragraph went into other aspects of the color red (I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out what a grade school boy might write about) and I had to write the rest of the song myself. 

Album: Through the Years/Bill O'Connor

People like the color red
It makes them happy in their head
The sun above or in a flower bed
People like the color red.
The color red is important you know
Just look at fire engines on the go
Apples and cherries and plums sometimes
Makes me think that red tastes fine.

People like the color blue
The sky above and the water too
Without blue we wouldn't have those clues
Ah, people like the color blue.
The color blue is fun my friends
It's even in a bag of M&M's
Cookie Monster's fur or a blue jays wings
The blues can make you want to sing.

People like the color green
In summer all its shades are seen
From dark to light and in between
People like the color green.
The color green is important you know
It makes stop'n'go lights go
Holiday shamrocks and Christmas trees
And what about Kermit or Mr. Greenjeans?

Pick a color you like best
Then try out this little test
Close your eyes when it's time to rest
You'll dream in color that's for sure.

Whatever color that you choose
Pink or yellow or Chartreuse
Can't decide? Don't be confused
Make rainbow the color you choose.
Color's all around us you know
So take a look and enjoy the show
Look all around and you will see
Color is a gift and the gift is free.

People like the color red
Sometimes it grows upon their heads
The sun above or in a flower bed
People like the color red.
Ooo, people like the color blue.
I mean, people like the color green.
People like the color_ _ _